Simon Wald-Lasowski makes colorful, fun, twisted work by use of bricolage, word play and ‘cliché bending’. Lighthearted at first sight, his images often reveal a certain depth on second inspection. His approach is always very personal, which blur the boundaries between autonomous and commissioned work.

Simon Wald-Lasowski
Da Costakade 148
1053 XC Amsterdam
0031 (0)6 559 614 73
Accidental images

The 3D animator whom I collaborated with on this project asked me to photograph the light reflecting on the objects of our installation in order to be able to recreate a realistic light/reflection situation in his 3D rendering. 

The only tool I could find to capture the reflection of the light was an ice cream scoop. These images made purely as technical support have a strong accidental charm and I started to consider them as works in themselves. 

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Venecular Scoop
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