Simon Wald-Lasowski (Paris, 1980) is a freelance photographer and art director.
He lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2004. Occasionally he also works as a Wedding MC.

Selected clients:
Amsterdam Weekly, Blend, Hema, JWT, K-Swiss, Kesselskramer, KKOutlet, Moniker, NRC, Parool, Paradiso, Time Out, Vandejong, V&D, VPRO, Volkskrant Magazine
Guerilla shoot
In collaboration with:
Maartje van Nimwegen
Make up: Radna Berendsen
Thank you to: Zipper

Photo shoot during the 5 days off festival in the Paradiso.

We had 3 hours backstage to shoot some models selected from the audience. The bass was pumping above our heads. Drunken curious onlookers were peeping behind our back. It was pretty exciting!

There's not really a concept this time. We were just trying to make nice images in a short time.

Anyway, here is a selection of our AfroChameleonFlowerJungleBoogie tribe.

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Jungle Boogie
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