Simon Wald-Lasowski makes colorful, fun, twisted work by use of bricolage, word play and ‘cliché bending’. Lighthearted at first sight, his images often reveal a certain depth on second inspection. His approach is always very personal, which blur the boundaries between autonomous and commissioned work.

Simon Wald-Lasowski
Da Costakade 148
1053 XC Amsterdam
0031 (0)6 559 614 73
Client: Volkskrant Magazine

The Volkskrant Magazine asked me to illustrate an article about the history of erotic literature.
According to the writer, older novels such as the classic Turks Fruit  were much more raw, progressive and arousing than newer, unintentionally humoristic books full of clichés such as 50 Shades of Grey.

I focused on the fact that erotic literature triggers the body to read, and that certain books arouse the reader much more than others :)

The editorial team of the magazine deliberated 1,5 hours whether to publish the image or not, and I'm happy that they eventually did!

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