Simon Wald-Lasowski makes colorful, fun, twisted work by use of bricolage, word play and ‘cliché bending’. Lighthearted at first sight, his images often reveal a certain depth on second inspection. His approach is always very personal, which blur the boundaries between autonomous and commissioned work.

Simon Wald-Lasowski
Da Costakade 148
1053 XC Amsterdam
0031 (0)6 559 614 73
Window display
In collaboration with:
Rafael Rozendaal
Client: K-Swiss

Rafael and myself were asked to come up with some window decoration to hide the construction of the K-Swiss concept store in Amsterdam. We decided to cover all the windows of the space with blue stickers shaped as typical Dutch bricks.
The gap between the bricks is transparent, so people could have a peak inside. The stickers could also be taken out separately, so the bricks were gradually taken down  as the space was gradually getting build.

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